• A creation a day...

    6 oktober 2010


    I'm always busy creating. Every day I want to make something. I'm full of ideas.  It's clear that I have given this tiresome virus on to my children.


    My son spends hours with a lump of Pritt Multi Tack kneading all sorts of figurines, cars, motorcycles, zombies, pirates' treasury chest, etc.



    I started taking pictures of his work because the minute he finishes an 'object' he kneads it right back into a ball, ready to make another fine creation. This photo is of a zombie, which he started from scratch: first a detailed construction of a skeleton, then covering it with skin.




    Don't you just love the hair?




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  • In the beginning... a Blog by 'Marlike'

    5 oktober 2010

    I shall write in English to be more "international". Since a couple of months I have my own Etsy shop and I want my customers to be able to witness some of my daily activities and view my new creations.

    This is me, collecting apples on an estate in the Mataram forest near Dalfsen. Last weekend we went there for a walk to sniff the autumn air.

    In the photo I wear trousers made from IKEA (curtain) fabric and vintage fringes at the bottom.

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